Terms of Service

This website will be a one stop directory to Island makers who would normally attend craft shows for seasonal selling. This will not be a selling platform. If you are looking to join a market type platform I would recommend Etsy PEI.

This is a directory, a source to find the vendors. Your spot on the page will contain a single picture of your product or logo with a very short description of what you sell including common SEO tags. Spots will be filed under categories ie/ woodworking or jewellery etc. Your spot when clicked will lead the shopper to your choice of website, fb page, Instagram, or email.

There will be a small activation fee $25 annual fee. This fee will pay our web designer, Domain fee, maintenance, and we will be advertising in local prints and venues to optimize exposure. I am looking now into costs for these advertisement. These fees will be as minimal as possible, there will be no cancelation fees. I am open to any suggestions on how to make this a success for islanders.

A little etiquette:

If I find any type of trashing of other vendors you will be removed. Please lift each other up, don’t tear them down.

If you sell food of any kind on your website, fb page or Instagram you will be required to prove you are approved by the department of health and wellness with a minimum of class 2 market license. Without a licence you will not be published, no refunds will be issued if you submit and are not licensed.

This webpage will not be suitable for home multi-level marketing companies (home based retails) examples of this would be Avon, Arbonne, Vox, Scentsy, etc. There are plenty of search platforms available for these products, we are hoping to connect local makers on this site. No refund will be issued if you submit for this type of business and no links will be published.

I will ask where you commonly vend, a list of your markets. This will help shoppers find you if they are used to seeing you at their favourite markets.

I do hope that you will consider staying with us as we design and release this website to help local support in these times. We are happy to make adjustments to your post if needed and not too frequent. Once payment has been submitted no refunds will be issued.

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